Real Hardware testing on Coco3 and Coco2

Most of the recent development for Forest of Doom has been on a  Coco3 emulator with occasional tests on a real Coco3. Today, I setup a Coco2 (and was horrified by the quality of the video output…but that is the Coco2 for ya) and found Forest of Doom running just fine!

Continuous music idea nixed

After converting some routines into Machine Language I tested the CoCo2 music player by Simon Jonnason.  Unfortunately, the game performance, while slightly better, was still not sufficient.  Had this been a CoCo3 game it would have been easy, and while it is tempting to move to the CoCo3, I want to leave Forest of Doom […]

Reward Screen

While it was possible to win Forest of Doom in its original incarnation, the screen consisted of the simple text, “You Won! Congratulation!” and a “Play Again?” prompt. Not very exciting. I just finished the mechanics of a semi-graphics reward screen, similar in quality to the Title screen, along with some heroic music for the hardy […]

Old school Semi-graphics with a high-tech tool

The title screen of Forest of Doom was FUN to make!  Tedious? I guess, but I loved feeling like a teenager again as I worked on it.  Yeah, I stayed up WAY too late doing it, just like a teen.  (Didn’t feel like a teen the next morning, though…) The Coco manual has a page […]

Genesis of: Forest of Doom

Only the bravest souls enter, only the most cunning return! Defeat innumerable monsters to ransom the king’s sceptre, stolen by the evil wizard and kept deep in the Forest of Doom.  Your sword, shield and wits are your only allies – pray you find a magical Inn as your only respite! D. Bruce Moore began […]